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Sony VAIO P-Series laptop bag designed by William Tempest

sony-vaio-p-series-laptop-bags1William Tempest is claimed to be one of the hottest up coming designers, who has now teamed up with Sony and started designing some laptop bags for the Sony VAIO laptop.

The laptop bag is made for the Sony Vaio P-Series. The designer claims that is inspired by the printed aesthetic and futuristic finish of his acclaimed autumn/winter 2009-10 collection. One of the features in his latest collection is a lovely crushed diamond print, which has now been incorporated into the Sony VAIO laptop bags. Some more the diamond finish is further added with a high shine and durable finish by having a layer of clean PVC.

The upcoming Sony VAIO laptop bags will also be added fireproof and waterproof linings to well protect your laptops even your house burns down or gets flooded, the laptop might still remain intact. The new laptop bags are easily to be carried around, sleek, you can tuck it under your arm like how you tuck a purse under your arm.

via gizmodiva

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2 Responses to “Sony VAIO P-Series laptop bag designed by William Tempest”

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  2. I like the pink Vaio. I think manufacturing a pink Vaio is the best move that Sony has ever made since it started making netbooks. Pink is a color universal to all ladies, transcending culture, race and religion. No wonder it’s such a best seller among girls. – Tanya Bayo

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