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$30-million diamond dress

During the recession period, stocks and gold prices have been dropping, but diamond still maintains its charm. Diamond is considered forever. Here comes the diamond dress that is worth $30 million, to be designed by Malaysian Designer, Faisol Abdullah.

The $30-million diamond dress is dubbed as “Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur”, which will be one of the participants in the the Stylo Fashion festival early next month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian capital.

The diamond dress will be a silk and taffeta evening gown to be decked with 751 diamonds with a 70 carat pear-shaped diamond at the centre of the bodice and topped off with a train sparkling with diamonds.

Chief executive of Stylo, Nancy Yeoh, claims it’s art, and they’ll be targeting this diamond dress to those rich people, especially those from the Middle East.

via bornrich

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