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Tria 2 hair laser remover

Some girls are born to be hairy. This will be the biggest trouble in life, which you need to trim or remove some hair on your body periodically, in order not to be deemed as unfeminine.

Hair removal should not be an easy task for girls. With the help of a gadget, such as Tria 2, a laser-powered hair removal tool, hair removal will be made very much easier than before and you can always do it at home. And no one will find out that you’re actually an hairy beast anymore.

The Tria 2 Hair removal tool is an improved version of the first generation of Tria. The Tria was good, but with a few glitches such as poor battery life, and it took pretty long time to cover the entire leg. With the Tria 2, it promises a much shorter time to travel the whole leg, to have all the hair completely removed. It’s at two times faster than the old version of Tria. It’s pretty pricey, costs $960 and you can get it here.

via gizmodiva

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