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4 Senses Lounger – high-tech spa lounge

Here comes a high-tech spa lounge chair which combines 4 senses in one, to give you feeling, listening, looking and smelling. It’s equipped with a nice sound system.

This lounge chair has built-in vibration units under the lounger surface, which serves as membranes that can transfer vibrations to the user. It also has soft light effect which is adjustable to soothe your eyes. You can enjoy 25 minutes of sound therapy and have a variety of sound effects to choose from such as pitch, frequency, tempo, and tweeters and woofers and even to create 3D sound effect.

The 4-senses lounger is available in different colors which you can personalize to blend well with your existing decor and furniture in your home. If your life has been associated with stress, having one of these lounge chairs will definitely be easy to get rid of all kind of stress.


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