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Le Whif zero-calorie Chocolate Inhaler

le-whif-chocolate-inhalerWe love chocolate, but the negative effect of eating too much chocolate is you absorb too much extra calories into your body. Here comes the Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler, which is claimed to combine chocolate and aerosol science, which lets you breath the chocolate only without adding extra calories to your body.

The chocolate inhaler was part of a culinary art experiment executed by Harvard professor David Edwards and his students, the innovative concept moves “eating habits to their logical conclusion.” The professor claims that breathing chocolate is much better than eating chocolate. As it doesn’t give you extra calories to be added onto your body, and some more it’s able to fulfill your crave for chocolate.

But we’re in doubt, since you inhale the Chocolate Inhaler, eventually your taste bud will totally fail to differentiate how chocolate tastes like. We don’t feel comfortable that every junk food will most likely get converted into something to be inhaled instead of eaten. You can get the Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler here for 39.00 Eurs.


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