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Pet carrier – Sleepypod for bringing pets on the road

pet-carrierIf you’ve been thinking of bringing your pet on the road, and you wanna give them a safer place to stay calm while the car is traveling over bumpy road, the sleepypod is a great pet carrier that can help.

The Sleepypod is able to protect your pet and withstand a 24 mph impact while strapped in with a seat belt. This pet carrier is best used for carrying pet on long distance hauls, lets say have it stowed it under an airplane seat or strapped into the cars.

The Sleepypod pet carrier also has a pocket for an optional warming pad that can be hooked up to the car’s power, so you can keep your pet warm while going for a travel during the cold winter months. Be sure not to use it while it’s summer. This pet carrier comes available in two sizes, which are the mini and the standard that are for pets under seven pounds and under 15 pounds respectively. These pet carriers are rather expensive, the mini costs $150 and the standard costs $165.

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