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Diamond Tester

If you’ve been given quite a number of diamonds by your significant other, and you wanna test them out whether they’re genuine, which is also to test out how genuine the love is, you can now make use of the portable DiamondNite Diamond Moissanite Tester.

The DiamondNite diamond tester is able to tell that whether you’ve been given a real diamond or just a well-crafted piece of moissanite. The device just needs a touch of the stone for about 1.5 seconds. If it’s a real diamond, it’ll continuously beep with a green light. If it is followed by a higher pitched continuous beep and red light, then it is a moissanite. If there is no beep, it means that it’s a simulant. It needs 9 volt battery to run. It carries a pretty expensive price tag that costs $200.

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