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C-full body pillow provides comfort to side sleepers

Some people may need quite a number of pillows while they sleep. And frequently pillows may get you aches and sores on your body. But if you’re a side sleeper you may not need so many pillows. And we’ve found a nice one here for the side sleepers, it’s the C-full body pillow.

The c-full body pillow provides total and cushy support. It is comfortable for everyone, which won’t assert any pressure to your shoulders, ensures you to wake up pain free. This c-shaped pillow gives a permanent support to your knees and it’s a complete solution for your body.

It’s also ideal for arthritis sufferers or recovering surgery patients as it’s claimed beneficial for body’s blood circulation. This c-shaped pillow also supports the back and stomach that will be useful to pregnant women as well. It follows the shape of your body to ensure full comfort. And you can buy it here for $85 which sounds rather expensive.

via gizmodiva

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