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How to digitize 35mm film negatives and slides

You may have several boxes of those old 35 mm film negative and slide, and you know it will be hard to get a working equipment these days, to play back those previous moments on the 35mm film negatives. The best is that you convert it into digital pieces which you can play it on a computer and output it even on a HDTV (for computer with HDMI output) or projector.

To convert the 35mm film negatives is a very easy job if you make use of the Film to SD converter. The device simply takes those 35 films, convert them into digital images and directly output them onto an SD memory card. So you can then transfer those digitized images onto a computer or on a mobile device such as your cellphones or PMPs for playback.

You may have heard of other scanner or converter that does similar function, but others will mostly need a computer as middle man for the conversion. The ION Audio Film to SD does not need a computer. As mentioned it directly outputs converted images onto an SD card. Just insert your SD memory card into its slot and place those films and slides on its tray, your old memories will then be digitized and brought into the new computer era.

Of course, Film to SD converter is able to hook up to your computer, if you’d like to. Just use the included USB cable to hook it up to a computer and doing so also allows the converter to be used as an SD memory card reader for your computer. The Ion Audio Film to SD converter costs $150, which shouldn’t be too expensive, by simply considering it able to save all your precious old memories.

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