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Cute gadget : Moo cow MP3 player

The moo-cow MP3 player is an adorable one for girls who love cute gadgets. This MP3 player comes in the shape of a cow head, and with the controls on the face.

This moo-cow music player is equipped with 4GB storage, which should be pretty sufficient for most users. Unfortunately, similar to the iPod shuffle, this MP3 player does not come with a display to let the user see what is actually playing.

However it does have an LED indicator which likely blinks when song is playing. Do not expect it comes with high quality of sound, but it’s certainly a cute one to have. It is available in pink, blue, and white and will retail for $30 at Brando.


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3 Responses to “Cute gadget : Moo cow MP3 player”

  1. i love to hear music everyday on my ipod mp3 player as well as on my cellphone mp3 player.;;”

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  3. most mp3 players that we have these days are made in china but they are quite good anyway ,-~

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