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Violet RFID USB mirror controls things with RFID tags

The Violet RFID USB mirror is to be connected to your computer’s USB port. Through it, you can then hook up to other objects that have been added with the RFID Ztamps. And you can assign some tasks to these objects (with the RFID Ztamps tags) to perform.

This Violet RFID mirror is simple to use, it claims it’s even playable by a two-year-old. The mirror also comes with two mini Nabaztag rabbits – the kind of rabbit that could keep you updated with the online activities (such as your online pals have come online, the latest news etc) via Internet. And it can speak, read and also it’s a product of Violet.

Here are the specs of the USB RFID mirror at a glance:

– Can be used with blank user programmable RFID Ztamps
– Detects up to four objects at the same time
– Movement detector to activate standby mode
– Loudspeaker (buzzer)
– 3 color LEDS to dynamically express feedback and information
– USB 2.0 connection
– Dimensions: 4″ dia x .55″ height (10 x 1.4 cm)
– Weight: 3.2 oz (90 g)
– Comes with: Mirror, 3 Ztamps RFID tags (random colors),
2 programmable Nano:ztag Micro-Rabbits, Quick start guide

The RFID mirror can be purchased for $60 at ThinkGeek


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