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You might be rich helps American get unclaimed cash back

you-might-be-rich-host-tiki_barberThere are lots of unclaimed cash out there for the American. Perhaps, they are the overpaid bills, old paycheck, stock note or inheritance that is owed to you. When no one claims these monies,they will be handed over to a state. The Dateline NBC show, You Might Be Rich is here to help.

To date, You Might Be Rich show has helped to return almost $5 million of unclaimed cash to over a dozen individuals, which they’re the right owners of the money. One of the cases, is a former Pennsylvanian, who’d moved to Germany, was given half a million dollars from an inheritance but he was unaware he ever had. And this guy was found homeless, when he was tracked down by the “You Might Be Rich” team. The half a million dollars are definitely big helper during bad economic time for this guy. And he’s now become rich, at least he could afford a house with that half a million dollars.

The You Might Be Rich show is hosted by Tiki Barber. is the website to go, for picking a state of you or your family member has ever worked or played in, type in the name and you can then find out whether you’ve been left with big cash by them within seconds. The website offers free service. Or you can also get on missingmoney to find unclaimed property of any state. Finding money is easy, but please be cautioned of the followings:

– Never pay anyone to get your own money back.
– There are companies that will call or send you a letter stating they’ve found money for you– but they’ll want to take a cut of your money… as much as 30 or 40 percent and there is absolutely no need for it.
– Every state has a free online database where you can check your name.

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