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Carrot-shaped Mouse Cushion

Mousing for overly long in front of the computer will get your wrist sore. What you need is a mouse cushion to have your wrist properly resting on it, so you can move your mouse more comfortably.

Here comes a mouse cushion that is shaped like a carrot. A part of this carrot-shaped cushion has been cut out, which is where you can rest your wrist comfortably on, and it provides best support to your wrist while mousing.

This mouse cushion is a wrist support designed for individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive strain injuries, or the prevention thereof. It is made of memory foam material, which cushions and massages the wrist and forearm. This wrist support has a non-skid bottom that helps it stay firmly in place. It contours to any computer mouse and can also be used as a squeezable stress reliever. It’s an inexpensive little cushion that makes a big difference in how you feel at the end of a long day of typing. The Carrot Mouse Cushion is priced at $5.69 and can be purchased from uxsight.

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