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Jeweled apple pendant is a USB flash drive

Girls love jewelry. We always keep an eye on gadgets that are covered in jewels. Here comes a jeweled Apple USB drive Pendant, which is actually what we’d love to have for carrying our data all around.

This USB flash drive is shaped like an apple and covered with jewels. And it’s a pendant which can be hung around the neck making carrying data around much more convenient for girls. The Jeweled apple pendant drive has a storage capacity of 2GB, which might be too little for today’s need.

The Jeweled Apple USB drive pendant measures 45mm x 45mm x13mm, weighs just 40g and is available in a various colors including red, pink, blue and white. This pendant USB flash drive costs $21 and can be obtained from Gadget4all

via geeky-gadgets

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4 Responses to “Jeweled apple pendant is a USB flash drive”

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  3. Iris says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the Jeweled Apple USB drive pendant … Please let me know the process in purchasing this item.

    Have a great day!

  4. Alexia says:

    Hi Iris,

    You can buy it from Gadget4all in the link above. Thanks :)

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