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KissPhone measures strength of your kisses

If you’re totally unsatisfied with the kisses from your significant other, then KissPhone may be able to help, to increase the strength of his kisses by having him to repeatedly kiss over the phone. The KissPhone is currently still a concept. It is a phone specially designed to measure the strength of kisses.

The KissPhone is the concept from Georges Koussouros, a French scientist. It’s capable of measuring the strength of your kiss by taking different parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed and force. Some more the phone is capable of transmitting your kiss to someone at the other end of the phone. This is not a joke, it actually produces the same kissing effect to the recipient at the other end of the phone.

The little weird thing is you need to kiss the plastic lips as shown in the picture. The usual mouse piece of a phone has now been replaced with plastic lips on this KissPhone. The KissPhone looks more like a normal telephone instead of a cellphone. But it should be helpful to keep you and your significant other kissing even you two are apart.

via onlygizmos

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