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Yoox Massage Scarf relieves your neck pain

While working on a laptop, you will always have your eyes looking little downwards and you neck and shoulder will need to sustain a little bit of stress for doing so. I believe you will get neck and shoulder pain for long run.

One of the effective ways to remove pain and sores from your neck and shoulder is by massaging. Here comes the Yoox massage scarf, which should be quite an effective one to relieve some pain on your neck and shoulder. It’s in the form of a scarf to be worn around your neck which is able to keep your neck warm as well as giving you a good massage to release your tense muscles.

The scarf is said to feature high-energy particles with warm and wind-proof cloth, which is pretty suitable for wearing during cold days. It’s also operable in a few vibration modes to suit your requirement. It’s available in a variety of colors, and pink is one of them which is loved by most girls.

via gizmodiva

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