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Solar plant up lights brighten your garden

Equip your lovely plants in the garden with some LED up lights to brighten up your garden. These plant up lights are powered by solar energy which eases the hassle of those electrical cords that will always tangle up. With these up lights you’re able to see your plant clearly at night.

Solar plant “Up Lights” enhance landscaping and brighten outdoor areas, without the need for cumbersome electrical cords. A total of eight detachable LED lights are powered by a long-life solar panel that requires two rechargeable AA batteries (included). Plastic, 12 x 3″ to use in planters up to 22″D.

The solar-powered up lights can be purchased from Taylorgifts for $45, which sounds slightly more expensive than any average. But since it’s solar-powered, in long run you’ll save your electricity bills.

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4 Responses to “Solar plant up lights brighten your garden”

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