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BenQ JoyBee GP1 palm-sized LED projector

BenQ has announced their super tiny projector, JoyBee GP1 mini, which can rest on your palm as shown in the picture. This super tiny projector is lampless, all it uses is LED which promises much longer lifespan than usual lamp found in projectors.

This projector is especially handy for business professionals to bring along due to its mini size. So you can make your impromptu presentation even when you’re on the run. The most amazing part is it does not need a computer and it’s equipped with a USB drive reader, which allows the users to plug in a USB flash drive and play the clips or presentations on the USB drive directly.

This tiny Joybee projector weighs less than 1kg, a mere 640g only, making it much handier for the users to carry it around. It can be hooked up with various mass storage devices, including HD video players, digital cameras, PMPs, PDAs, iPods, iPhones and smart phones.

It’s suitable for all ages, even for non-business use, you can bring it along, while you and your family are out for a trip. Since it does not require a PC for projecting contents, what you need is to plug in a USB thumb drive and play content on the drive. You can project the photos and videos of your family for a large screen viewing while you’re out for outdoor trips. Or kids can hook this tiny Joybee GP1 projector to their gaming consoles to play games on a large screen.

The BenQ GP1 shall be available on the shelves in June in the US, with the suggested retail price of $499. Take a look at the cute clip below showing the BenQ Joybee GP1 in action.

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