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iPhone Health Tracker app

Track your health on the Apple iPhone. Appliya has announced their Health Tracker application which is useful for young ladies to keep track of all the essential information a young woman needs.

One best use of the Health tracker iPhone app is that you can use it to know when you ovulate, keep track of your menstruation periods. Knowing your ovulation and menstruation periods would be able to prevent from accidentally getting pregnant.

Other features are as follows:

– Menstrual forecasting function.
This application will help predict your ovulation and menstrual periods. No more surprises or worries!

– Fertility forecasting function
Health Tracker helps you calculate your fertile days of the month to help you achieve pregnancy.

– Hormone balance information
Health Tracker shows graphs of your changes in hormone balance. This information is crucial for fertility and overall women’s health.

– Track the health of a woman’s best asset: her skin
This app will calculate estimations of the volume of water and the amount of sebum in your skin. The info is provided in easy to read graphs so you can monitor changes daily. No other app gives you this kind of functionality!

– Diet Information and advice
Health Tracker provides advice on dieting according to the changes in your daily hormone balance. Your new diet will be more effective with this tool.

– Body temperature cycles
Enter in your body temperature every day and Health Tracker will graph the results to help you better understand your overall health cycle.

Find out more at Appliya iPhone healh tracker

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4 Responses to “iPhone Health Tracker app”

  1. Rachel says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    We are delighted to announce the launch of the Skin Tracker iPhone application, which may be of interest to Ask Alexia customers.

    Skin Tracker is an iphone application which allows the user to track the condition of their skin and determine what combination of factors improves or deteriorates their skin condition, allowing the user to identify what works for their specific skin type.

    This iPhone application can be used to track skin conditions such as eczema, acne, dry or oily skin, cellulite or a simple rash of unknown cause. Or it can simply track the improvement of skin tone or clarity when using a new product.

    After working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years, we’ve seen a huge shift in the importance of patient reported outcomes. With access to the internet, people are now much more informed about their medical conditions and the medications available to them. Tracking of conditions goes hand in hand with this concept of taking control and being more informed about your own health.

    iPhone applications are already available to track conditions like diabetes and epilepsy but nothing to track fluctuating conditions of the skin or even just to measure the effectiveness of skin products we spend a fortune on.

    Everyone has experienced a change in their skin condition at one time or another. It is a well known fact that skin condition fluctuates with time, what people eat, drink, other conditions they may have, menstrual cycle, medications used or other products that come into contact with skin.

    Using Skin Tracker will give the user extremely important information into what exacerbates or improves the skin condition they are tracking. The information gathered can help the user identify a cause, adjust a daily routine or identify which products truly work.

    Skin Tracker can be viewed in a summary screen on the iPhone or emailed to the user. This will allow the user to view all the information along a timeframe and identify relationships between skin conditions and other factors.

    We have images of the iPhone screens if you are interested and promotional codes if you want to download it for free (

    Kind regards

    Director of Mobile Technologies
    Eclipse Database Consultants

  2. Anabel Bryan says:

    its very useful application.

    Thanks i Phone Authority.

  3. Well according to a rumour back in December by Ubergizmo

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