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USB posture corrector

You will get back ache and shoulder pain, if you have bad posture while sitting in front of the computer. For long run this will affect your health. It’s always a neat idea to equip you and your family with a posture corrector.

Here comes a USB posture corrector by Visomate, which flashes and chimes to alert you that you’re out of the correct posture. Such as whether you’re bending your body to close to the monitor. Once you get notified by this posture corrector, you will know that it’s time for you to get back to the correct position. So you won’t get your back aching or other sicknesses. This device is directly powered by your computer’s USB port, which does not require external power, detailed specs are as follows, and you can get it from Uxsight for $22 only.

– Posture Alert Reminder is your smart companion that reminds you with flashing LEDs and chimes once you are closer than the recommended visual distance ( 35cm-60cm ) from the monitor.

– Interactive distance detecting with program.

– The Vision Posture Reminder works with ultrasonic sensor.

– Flashing LED signal of the Vision Posture Corrector indicates correct distance away from monitor.
CHIME ON/OFF selection for personal setting.

– Blue lights means your head is positioned within a moderate visual range. Red light flashes when your head is closer than 35cm from monitor and it means too close.

– Easy to use: Just place it on your monitor, plug it to the USB port. No battery and no maintenance needed.

– This USB Vision Posture Corrector is powered by USB port, no battery needed.

– Size: 6 cm long( at the longest ), 5.5cm wide( at the widest ), 1.5cm thick ( at the thickest ).Approx.

– Length of the USB cable: 149cm long.

– Color: White and Black.

– Weight:120g.

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  1. sometimes i get backaches due to long hours of working at computers.”:,

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