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Wig purifier

If you have hair loss problem, and you’ve been wearing wig to cover up your baldness, then you should also learn how to keep your wig clean and hygienic.

A wig purifier is a useful gadget for men and women who suffer from hair loss to keep their wigs clean and hygienic so you don’t have to waste your time to clean the wig. Here comes the Wig Purifier by Ozone Clean, which is a handy device to sterilize and deodorize hairpieces daily, without altering the style.

The device uses sterilizes and disinfects you wig with ozone air. Just leave your hairpiece inside this device, it’ll do the rest. It is able to remove odors, bacteria and germs on your hairpiece in just 10 minutes.

Amazingly, this wig purifier by Ozone clean, is handmade, which is why it costs more expensive than others. It’s able to produce highest level of ozone, required for sterilizing, sanitizing and deodorizing your hairpiece within the safest levels. Equipped with a safety switch to ensure worry-free operation. Check out more on the product page and take a look at the video clip of it in action.

via bornrich

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