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Lolaloo – a device keeps a baby from crying

Taking care of baby is a very taxing task for today’s overly busy parents. For high-tech parents, now you can make use of a little device called Lolaloo to keep the baby from crying without having to be in front of or to interact with the baby.

The device is tube-like that is to be attached to a stroller with a set of velcro straps. Inside there is weight that slides back and forth which creates a gentle rocking motion, which is what attempts to make your baby stop crying by distracting the baby with the rocking motion.

The rocking frequency of this device can be adjusted as needed. The Lolaloo can run for 2-4 hours before needing to be recharged. Currently this device is only available in Germany or you can find out more from the German Lolaloo website. Or take a look at how the device in action in the video below:

But please note, as parents you can’t rely on a device too much or simply leave your baby unattended in a room. There must be reasons why the baby keeps crying. Perhaps the baby is hungry. Occasionally, you have to keep an eye.

via ohgizmo

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