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10 essential Hello-Kitty gadgets to make you more productive

If you’re a big fan of Hello Kitty, we have here collected ten essential Hello Kitty gadgets that shall spice up your work desk and provide you the productivity that you need for your daily work.

Fairy Hello Kitty keyboard
1. Hello Kitty Keyboard This is one that you need to replace your existing QWERTY keyboard of your computer. The keys are in pink and white, features Hello Kitty color pattern and it’s compatible with various OSes such as Windows Me/NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista. And it’s equipped with shortcut buttons for quick access to Internet, email, multimedia etc. For only $50, you can get it from Amazon.

Hello Kitty USB optical mouse + mousepad
2. Hello Kitty Optical Mouse + Mousepad – A USB mouse comes in the shape of the cute Kitty head and the mousepad also comes in the shape of the Kiity head. It’s an USB optical mouse for PC and Mac, features 1-Touch Operation, Left or Right Handed Orientation, Scroll Wheel. The Kitty mouse and mousepad surely serve as a nice eye candy. For only $20, you can get it from Amazon as well.

4GB Hello Kitty flash drive with fingerprint recognition
3. Hello Kitty USB flash drive 4GB with fingerprint recognition – A 4GB USB flash drive that has got Hello Kitty makeover. Certainly, it’s a cute one, and some more it has additional security measurement which uses fingerprint recognition that allows only your finger to unlock and access its data. A 4GB storage capacity shall be sufficient for today’s need. It’s also available at Amazon for $80.

USB Hello Kitty webcam
4. Hello Kitty USB webcam – A USB Hello Kitty webcam that keeps you connected and chatting with your online pals. It’s a 3-in-1 camera, camcorder, webcam adds video to e-mails adds live images to internet calls or instant messages built-in microphone. You can get it from Amazon for a price tag of $20.

Hello Kitty Humidifier
5. Hello Kitty Humidifier – This humidifier keeps your environment with the necessary moisture to keep your skin fresh with sufficient moisture, so you can be spiritually focused on your work. It’s available on Amazon for $40.

Hello Kitty Skype VOIP phone
6. Hello Kitty VOIP phone – Keep yourself connected with your friends, loved ones using Skype phone to save your pocket. A Hello Kitty version shall be what a Hello Kitty fan loves to have. Unfortunately, this phone seems unavailable on any online store, it was said to launch in Hong Kong 7-Eleven stores for around $16 a few years ago.

Hello Kitty speakers for iPod
7. Hello Kitty iPod speakers You need music to accompany you to keep you productive. Hook up your iPod with the Hello Kitty iPod speakers to blast your favorite tunes to keep fluent with your work. Buy it online from Amazon for $30.

Hello Kitty iPod Nano Wrap
8. Hello Kitty PVC wrap for iPod nano – Wrap your iPod Nano with a Hello Kitty PVC wrap to make a complete pair with the Hello Kitty iPod speakers. Costs you only $10 on Amazon to give your iPod Nano a complete Hello Kitty makeover.

Hello Kitty calculator
9. Hello Kitty calculator Not everyone is used to using the software calculator in your Windows Menu. You may need a desktop calculator to keep you more productive in punching in figures every end of the month. This Hello Kitty desktop calculator shall be what you need and it’s solar powered which saves your pocket for battery replacement.

Hello Kitty LCD monitor and keyboard covers
10. Hello Kitty covers for LCD monitor and your keyboard Finally you have to keep your LCD monitor and Hello Kitty keyboard free from dust. You need these Hello Kitty covers to keep them clean and protected, so every time you will start fresh and clean. Get it from Amazon for $25 only.

Hello Kitty coffeemaker
If you haven’t had enough Hello Kitty gadgets, even though we’ve just shown you 10 of them, you can also get the Hello Kitty coffee maker to brew the best coffee to keep your mind fresh for your work. Buy online from Amazon for $60 only.

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