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G-Shock Mini watches in pink and red girly styles coming to Casio USA

G-Shock mini watches for girls in PINK and girly styles
Now In the US, you can get the G-Shock Mini line of watches. There are some of them in pink, red and look pretty girly in styles. The G-Shock Mini are the smaller versions of the G-Shock watch.

They’ve been available in Asia for quite some times. But unfortunately they weren’t available in the US before, unless you ship it over from Asia, which could be very costly. So now it’s available in the US and aiming at those fashion-conscious women.

G-shock mini watches
You can get these G-Shock mini from Bloomingdales with prices start from $95. And there are also kids’ versions which prices range from $30-60. G-Shock loving moms sure will get them for their kids.

via casio via mygshock

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4 Responses to “G-Shock Mini watches in pink and red girly styles coming to Casio USA”

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  2. Cyndi says:

    Get all the cute G Shock styles for women NOW at Pink, white, red green Baby G styles available.

  3. I love my G-Shock…. has been used and abused for 2 years now, has been dipped in diesel, oil and chemicals, I used every single day for 2 years now and has performed flawlessly. I would recommend this watch to anyone who looks a great all around watch for work/everyday use. Tough as can be, made for long last.

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