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Smart cars with girly potentials

Smart car
Smart cars, cute, tiny, compact and girly. One day we’ll all be forced to drive one of these smart cars. More pictures of smart cars will be shown after the jump!

Smorvette smart car
The Smorvette

Smaudi A3 AWD smart car
Smaudi A3 AWD

Smamborghini - tiny version of Lamborghini
Called the Smamborghini, a tiny version of Lamborghini? Huh!

Smorsche - Small Porsche
Obvious from its name, it’s a small or smart Porsche.

Finally, Smerrari – The Ferrari also gets a mini version, doesn’t wanna stay behind of the rest.

All your dreamed cars, will be converted into smart cars, by having their brand names taken off a few letters and replaced with the “sm” which stands for “Smart” or “Small”….

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3 Responses to “Smart cars with girly potentials”

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