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Surestop boosts Water Conservation

surestop stops water leakage  instantly
Wastage of water is pretty bad in some countries. Common causes are leaking of pipes, water tap etc. The Surestop is a little device that is specially designed to save water loss.

The Surestop allows the user to cut the supply instantly. There is no hassle of having to look for stopcock around when there is a burst of water pipes or tanks or leaking in the kitchen. Read what normally happens in the UK below:

In the UK alone, around three million homes experience leaking kitchen appliances, burst water pipes or tanks every year, at a cost of over £1.8 billion.

The company has already sold almost ¼ million of the straightforward valves, which can be integrated into any domestic water system, usually close to the stopcock. The Surestop switch enables direct control via a flexible tube, linked to a wall-mounted console, which operates mechanically, using water-supply pressure to activate the on-off valve.

The company are now looking to expand to areas where water conservation is a top priority, such as rapidly-expanding desert-state Dubai. Speaking about the product’s future water conservation potential, Surestop Sales Director Noel O’Donnell said, “Our initial domestic product proposition focused on household protection. However, significant opportunities exist in home and overseas commercial markets, where water conservation and financial savings are both important.


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