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Withings Body scale sends fitness info to your iPhone

Withings iPhone connected scale
If you’re an iPhone user, and you’re one highly aware of your body weight, the Withings Body conncted scale will be a perfect one for you. This special scale provides you the analysis of your fat mass and weight. And it beams over the information to your iPhone via WiFi network.

There is an iPhone Withings app to be downloaded and installed on your iPhone which allows you to view the all that info, including the lean mass and fat mass curves. The purpose is when you’re not near the scale or you’re on the run, you can always check back this info on your iPhone, to keep yourself more aware what the next target to slim down, so you won’t be deviated from your weight loss plan.

Product Page: Withings

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2 Responses to “Withings Body scale sends fitness info to your iPhone”

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