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VADO v-touch faucet features touchscreen control

v-touch digital faucet for high-tech bathroom
Look what technology has brought to your bathroom. Now even a faucet is made to look like an iPhone and features a touchscreen that lets you have various controls of the water flow and temperature.

The v-touch faucet (or called a basin mixer) announced by VADO is one of the high-tech faucets that we’re talking about here. This VADO v-touch basin mixer features a touch pad which is for the control of water flow and thermostatically-controlled temperature, which is also shown on the digital display of the faucet.

The digital display also shows white and blue dots, and subtle glow of numbers. The sleek curves of the white body are complimented with a matt black spout arcing through the body, creating a “wow” factor shape that is unique to the industry. No pricing info, it shall be out later this year. But it should be expensive.

via bornrich

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