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Go Girl Urination device allows girls to pee standing up

Girl urination device
Girls for sure are always envious the guys, who can pee anywhere as they like. As guys can pee standing up, there is even no worry of or be choosy of any hygiene issue such as whether the toilet bowl or seat is clean or not. That is how quickly and how simply a guy can do that.

But now, for the girls, if you wanna do it like what a guy can do, take a look at this so-called Go Girl urination device. The picture obviously shows that how a girl can use it and pee standing up. The Go Girl urination device costs $6.99 for a piece or 18.99 for a three pack and they also offer underwear to compensate the Go Girl. With this Go Girl urinal, you can stop swallowing the Anti-pee pill, as you should be able to pee anywhere and anytime :D.

via chipchick

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