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Nu-m8 GPS wristband allows you to track your kids

Nu M8 GPS wrist watchParents who’re always worried about losing track of their kids will need to get one of these Nu-m8 GPS wristbands. Strap it on your kids’ hand and you’ll be able to stay informed wherever they go.

The Nu-m8 is just a wrist band that looks like a watch and it’s been designed in a way that when it’s forcibly removed, an alert will be sent to a designated mobile phone or email address. This allows the parents to learn that their child could probably be in danger.

When this wrist band is functioning properly on the child’s wrist, it’ll keep sending the alerts to parents’ email address about the child’s position. In such a case, parents may need to use a smart phone that supports push email in order to stay fully alerted with where the child has been to. The update includes the closest address with postcode to the child’s position and a link to Google Maps. The location is accurate to 10 feet.

Parents can also set a safe zone, which no alerts will be sent as long as their children stay in the safe zone. Nu-m8 GPS wristband comes in black, blue or pink, priced at £149.99 and is available to buy from lok8u


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