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S.T. DuPont lighter-inspired IM-U510 handset

dupont luxury lighter-like cellphone
S.T. DuPont, the French company that is well known in making their lighter and pen products, has now released their first cellphone, called the IM-U510. The IM-U510 handset was a product of collaboration between the DuPont and Pantech, one of the largest Korean cellphone makers.

Pantech Sky DuPont IM-U510LE phone inspired by lighter
The DuPont handset is also called Pantech Sky DuPont IM-U510LE and is claimed to have been inspired by DuPont lighter, and belongs to a luxury class of phone. Features wise, it has a 3-inch display, supports only 2G (GPRS/EDGE) but no 3G connectivity, GPS, 3-megapixel camera and gold-plated edges. Since it belongs to the luxury category, the price isn’t cheap either, which costs around $832 and has won the title of most expensive phone in Pantech’s line so far.


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