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Wii Jog controller lets body motions control the game

Jog controller for Wii Nintendo
The Wii Jog controller is a game controller that is designed to get you to exercise more. Apparently, it needs your body motions to control the character in the game. When you jog, your game character will move accordingly to your motions. When you stop it will stop too.

Girls who wanna have more exercise to keep yourself slim, can now have fun when carrying out the jogging exercise. The little Jog controller is to be clipped to your belt and you can start jogging and moving to control the game character. It’s compatible with all existing video games that use the Nunchuk joystick to control game character movement. It costs around $24 (after the conversion) at Gadgetshop.

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4 Responses to “Wii Jog controller lets body motions control the game”

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  4. Aja Mascolo says:

    There are so numerous large releases coming to the gaming earth in the up coming couple years that a lot of gamers are getting to be confused and commencing to wonder if they are heading to be able to purchase a console gaming technique in the long run that has a remote manage at all. The fast answer to this is indeed, the actual query is what that remote will look like and how it will interact with the gaming console. Hardcore games will under no circumstances give up the remote control absolutely due to the fact it provides way to significantly precision and handle that are unable to be in comparison to any motion based mostly system controls at this position in time.

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