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iPhone Date Check app does background checks on your date

iPhone date check app
It’s always a risk to date a new person, especially one that you’ve known from any one of the online dating sites or online chatting services. If you could, it’s better to do a background check on the one you’re gonna date. Here comes the handy iPhone Date Check app which allows you to check the background of a person on the iPhone, whether he or she has committed any past criminal cases, including sex offences, assaults, or drug possession etc.

The iPhone app has a ‘Sleaze Detector’ which is able to check if a person has any past criminal records. Some more it’s able to check the person’s net value whether he’s got a home, even detailed as how many rooms in it and the property value. The Date Check app also scans other social networking sites for the person’s marital status, birth date, background and some crucial information that you need before your first date with him or her. But I doubt it how precise the information gathered from social networking sites? As the “experts” could have just faked the information.

Anyway, the Date Check app is only available for iPhone. The Android and BlackBerry versions will be coming later. But before I forget, it’s kinda pricey doing a search for a person’s background on the Date Check app, it costs $40 per search. But it’d worth rather than risking your destiny or even life.

via techiediva

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2 Responses to “iPhone Date Check app does background checks on your date”

  1. Looks like a good app for criminal background checks, but there are cheaper ones for sweetheartchecks. In any case, it’s better to be safe.

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