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Super cute cartoon Clown portable speaker for your computer

cute speaker Clown
Having cute gadgets on your work desk can boost your mood, when you feel little down while getting blamed by your bosses. Look at something cute around your desk will eliminate you worry, and get your smile back. Here comes a portable speaker shaped like a cute Cartoon Clown, which shall go on your work desk to cheer you up in those bad days.

Besides cuteness, the Cartoon Clown speaker also promises to deliver hi-fi acoustic, clear stereo, noise-reduced and perfect bass kinda sound quality. Stereo sound? That’s what the product page says. But it’s got only one speaker, which is unlikely to produce stereo output, you may need to buy two Clowns to enjoy stereo sound.

The cute Clown speaker can take power directly from your computer’s USB port or it can be powered by two AAA batteries for portability. Find out more on Uxsight.

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