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How to brighten up your garden with almost zero running cost

frosted solar lantern
If you have a big garden with lots of beautiful plants in it, you may wanna invest on a garden lamp that will brightly light up for the garden at night. But to have a garden light installed in your garden, you’ll have to bear with a little running cost of electricity.

In order to save your bills, it’s better to have a garden lamp that comes equipped with solar panel that can collect sun energy for its power. Here come the Frosted Scroll Solar-Powered Lantern, which is equipped with a little solar panel that can charge its internal battery by using solar energy. A full charge of the internal battery gives you a maximum of 8 hours bright white glow. During the days, the solar lantern collects the sun energy which is then able to keep your garden brightly lit at night to please your eyes.

This solar lantern comes with an on/off switch so you can turn it on as per your wish. The scroll-effect frosted windows and the antique-style appearance give the lantern a touch of elegance. This solar powered lantern is now available at special price for £24.99 a pair. Hurry up before it gets set back to the standard price that costs £29.99 for a pair

via envirogadget

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  2. for garden lights, we used Light Emitting Diodes to save some electrical energy.’;*

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