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ShelfSpeaker saves space, home theater and furniture in one

shelfspeaker store books and blast tunes
ShelfSpeaker is the new idea of an enterprising designer, which combines shelves and speakers, ideal for those who live in tiny apartments. With this ShelfSpeaker you get nice shelves to store your books and other accessories, and you’ll get nice tunes blasted by the speaker.

The Shelfspeaker is what Andrew Suhatam designed for Altec Lancing. Part of the speakers can be used as shelves, and the best is the speakers are nicely concealed which you don’t see them at all. And these speakers are wireless that accept wireless transmission of tunes from your music player.

One little concern of this Shelfspeaker’s design is whether the vibrations have been well-taken care which they would not affect those items stuffed in the shelves. Some more with items in the shelve may add some noises caused by the the collision and shaking of items. Hope the designer has considered all these.


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