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Pink Vespa LX scooter

pink scooter
Vespa LX has added a new color model of scooter, comes in most girls’ favorite color – pink. The Vespa was originally designed to keep women’s skirts from billowing like a sail. And no doubt, the pink version of it mainly attracts women buyers. There should be no men buyers in this case.

The special edition of Vespa scooters has arrived in the States last month. Two versions are available which are the 50cc and the 150cc engine. These Vespa scooters are available in a number of colors, including silver, black, red and now pink. The former three colors are the popular ones. Pink was added and 15 of 50cc pink versions were donated to 15 nonprofits involved in the fight against the disease. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s the 15th anniversary of Lifetime’s Stop Breast Cancer For Life” campaign, that is why 15 pink versions were donated.

via gizmodiva

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One Response to “Pink Vespa LX scooter”

  1. Suh-young Kwak says:

    where can I buy this
    how much is this?

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