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Wall socket spy camera makes us nervous

spy cam in wall socket
Spy camera can now come in the form of a wall socket. Just a plain wall socket in a room could be a spy gadget. This is definitely dangerous for some girls, who’re desperate of getting laid, should now get yourself be more aware of spy cameras.

This wall socket spy camera can start recording video automatically once it’s detected the noise nearby has reached 65db. Its memory can depend on a TF card expansion of up to 8GB, which is a lot and sufficient to record very long hours of video. The wall socket spy camera could also possibly be installed by someone in a hotel room. If you’re frequently traveling girl, you should stay more aware, take every possible check if any spy camera around that could snatch your privacy away. The wall socket spy cam can be purchased at Uxsight for $70.

It’s definitely advisable for traveling girls to bring a long a spy gadget detector, so you can have a quick scan at in a hotel room or in the room of your significant other. Spy camera can also exist in various other forms, such as a Pringles tin, a clock and more.

via techchee

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2 Responses to “Wall socket spy camera makes us nervous”

  1. […] Tiny pinhole cameras can be concealed almost everywhere, they can be hidden in sunglasses which make them unnoticeable and they even pack the capabilities of recording video with HD quality. Here comes a GSI 5-in-1 fashion sunglasses which are actually a spy gear that packs a pin hole camera with HD video recording capability. […]

  2. […] Spy cameras can be embedded almost everywhere. Now a spy camera comes embedded in chest area of a wearable unisex T-shirt allowing you to snapshots of any passers-by. It also comes with a remote control for you to activate the shutter. You can hide the remote control in your jeans pocket and simply vibrate it to have the spy camera taking a shot for you. […]

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