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Credit-card sized fork and knife

fish and chip tool
Always tempted with the fish and chips sold by the street hawkers? Bring along this credit-card-sized tool, slide it into your wallet, pop it out when you need it for your fish and chips in the street.

You can’t beat the taste and smell of fish and chips eaten out of a newspaper. This credit card sized stainless steel tool will mean that you’re always ready for a trip to the chippy. It looks smart and just slides into your wallet. When it’s time to eat, just pop the little 2-prong fork and knife out of the surrounding stainless, and tuck in! Get it here for $13.

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  1. […] a little caution you should take note is – don’t hold the knife too close to your face or nose to avoid any accidental injury. It costs you only $10, if you want […]

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