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USB tape express – super easy to digitize retro cassette tapes

USB cassette tape converter
Those who were born at least two decades ago, would have possessed some retro cassette tapes. If you have boxes of them that contain your greatest collections, you’d definitely love to convert them into digital formats as you can never find a suitable player for them anymore.

Here comes the USB tape express, which works as a portable cassette player and the best is it can convert those cassettes into digital formats. It simply plugs into your computer’s USB port, the idiot-proof EZ software will launch by itself, which then converts the music on the cassette tapes into digital formats, which you can then burn them into CD or transfer to a USB flash drive or archive them in iTunes or transfer them to your MP3 player etc. The USB Tape Express costs $81 at Firebox.

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3 Responses to “USB tape express – super easy to digitize retro cassette tapes”

  1. […] some precious videos on retro VHS tapes? Here comes a little USB stick which is able to capture or digitally convert from a number of retro or analog video sources including VHS video player, TV or Mini-DV […]

  2. Can I make use of my personal laptop computer to convert a VCR cassette to a Digital video disc?

  3. Alexia says:

    Yes, you can use your laptop or any computer with USB port (whact doesn’t have these days?). But this does not convert what you call “digital video disc”, the USB tape express simply converts cassette tapes into digital music such as MP3 format. That’s what it does. If you want the MP3 on discs, you can then burn them to CDs or DVDs :)

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