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Prenatal Education Touchscreen Device

For the expectant moms, if you’re completely new on how to take care of yourself during pregnancy or the newborn, you’ll need to get yourself the Gravida’s Nurse Prenatal training gadget. This gadget features a touchscreen for easy operation, you can load useful pregnancy information onto it via memory card slot or a USB port. More details as follows:

– The design is “Gravida’s Nurse” Prenatal Training, the shape is smooth and cute.
– It can store many related knowledge of the Prenatal Training, pictures and voice, help and prompt the Gravida mother must accept the prenatal education.
– The product’s interface adopt full touch screen, you can add or change the memory card, also can be connect with computer.
– Made of plastic.
– Weight: 200g

You can get it from Uxsight for $22.70 only.

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