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Ice Face Massage roller

Ice Therapy claims to be effective to relieve stress and tension in your sore muscles. Simple apply some ice on your face or the parts of your body that have sores and pains is not an effective way of doing that. There is a product in the market that makes it much easier for relieving sores and pains on your body by using ice, i.e. by using the Ice Massage Roller shown here.

The little device comes included with a roller, which you need to put it in the fridge for it to get cold. And you can then use it to roll your face or other parts of your body which are aching. The little device doesn’t need external power. It also claims to be effective for reducing after shave burn, preventing wrinkles, reducing puffy eyes, relieving sore muscles, headaches, sprains, carpel tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow. You can get one of these devices at Amazon for $64 only

via craziestgadgets

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