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LG Waffle-like phone, LG-SV770 offers 2G only connectivity

If 3G connectivity is an issue in the country you live, you’d better equip yourself with a 2G phone instead. Here comes the LG-SV770 phone that has been announced in Korea, which is also known as Waffle and designed like waffle that looks pretty much like a waffle cake while placed next to some strawberries.

Korea has been known as a country that already has good coverage of 3G and even 4G networks. Surprisingly, LG still offers a 2G phone. Anyway, if you just need a phone to make calls, the LG-SV770 should be just sufficient to do so. It also features Bluetooth, Hotkey, built-in FM radio, Camera, Video etc. Great for you girls who love pancakes for tea time!

via akihabaranews

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