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Hello Kitty Action Alarm Clock

Hello Kitty gadgets are what we love. Here comes a very interesting Hello Kitty Action Alarm Clock which tends to get you to have some early exercise of the day even as early as six O’ clock in the morning. This Hello Kitty Alarm clock will need you to chase after it when its alarm has gone off as it’ll run around in your room and keep saying repeatedly the words “Good morning, it’s time! Goooood morning! Hey, hey, you’re gonna be late!”.

This Kitty Action alarm clock will make some fun when you first have it. And it should be an effective alarm clock. Imagine that you have to chase after her running in your room, for sure will get to become fully awake and you’ll have very slim chance to hit the snooze button to continue your sleep. But it’ll become annoying that every morning you’ll have to chase after it in order to get it to shout up. Anyway, it’s fun, and it’s another crazy Japanese gadget that brings more fun to your life. You can get it from JapanTrendShop for $85.

via gizmodiva

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