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Roly Poly Iron, a smart iron that will never burn your clothes

Admit it, how many times that you’ve burned your clothes before while you’re ironing due to your attentions were distracted by the TV shows or your kids’ kind of naughty or cute actions or the ringing of phone? Now, here comes a cleverly designed iron, called the Roly Poly Iron, which is able to stand on its rear end automatically once you let go of it. The picture below shows how it actually works!

So, when you’re ironing your clothes, and you’re suddenly distracted by some unexpected events, for sure you’ll let go the iron. But with this Roly Poly Iron, it’ll automatically stand on its rear end so the bottom of the iron will not be in touch with the cloth. Therefore it’ll not cause any burning of clothes! Clever design and no more iron-shaped imprint on clothes!

The Roly Poly iron is a design by Wonkook Lee. I believe it’s just a conceptual design at the moment, hope someone will mass produce this one day so you’ll be able to grab it in the market.

via trendhunter

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