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USB stick with disco lights to show what it contains and boost your mood

Well, sometimes you can’t focus your mind on your work especially while you’re sitting in front of the computer. Your mind would have remained in the disco session that you’d been to last night. So, in order to keep your mind going with your work, this little USB memory stick with alluring disco lights shall help.

In fact the different light patterns in blue, pink etc are to show you what the files contained in the USB stick. While it has no light it means it’s empty. And pink light = images stored; blue = documents & green = movies.

When the light fills up the tube it means it’s already full! A nice indication of the contents and free space in a USB memory stick, so you can simply take a glance to learn what it contains and whether it still has some space.

Apparently, it’s just a simply a conceptual design by Designer Mac Funamizu who gets the inspiration from the Japanese Soma-Toh or a revolving lantern.

via yankodesign

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