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WaterPebble – water monitoring gadget, lets you be aware of your water usage

Sometime, we feel like we wanna save more water as we have the intention to help the environment and the planet earth. But we’re kinda unaware how much water we’ve used in a day, so in our mindset we still think that we have not used that much yet, therefore we still stick to the usual way of how we use water.

But if you do not mind to have a gadget to keep virtually nagging on you of your water usage, you can make use of a little water monitoring device called WaterPebble to let you stay aware of your daily water usage. The WaterPebble is a gadget designed by Paul Priestman. It’s meant to keep track of the amount of water that gets washed down and it’s equipped with a “traffic indication LED” that alerts you when you’re using too much water.

The WaterPebble can also be used to monitor the amount of water used in your shower. If you’ve been alerted that you’ve used too much water, you’ll have to start learning to reduce the usage such as you probably could shorten your shower time. It costs only $8 USD, and you’ll definitely get the money back from your water bills.

via thecoolgadgets

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