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Dell Inspiron Zino HD mini nettop gets reviewed

Dell Inspiron Zino HD is the latest small form factor desktop computer by Dell. It’s definitely a cute and tiny one that suits most taste of girls. And some more it offers a selection of sleeves/lids with different colors and patterns, that makes it easily blend well with your stylish apartment and furniture.

The little Dell Inspiron Zino HD nettop can be used as your home theater system, the unique, squarish, compact case will definitely blend well with any stylish TV shelf or rack. This little Inspiron Zino mini desktop is capable of high-def video playback and outputs it to your HDTV.

The little Inspiron Zino HD is also known as Inspiron 400. The entire machine only measures 7.8 inches wide by 7.8 inches deep and a mere 3.4 inches tall.

You can change the lid for different pattern and color. The default comes with a Piano Black lid. The other colored and pattern lids need you to pay extra, which color lid and pattern lid costs $15 and $30 respectively. The starting price of the Inspiron Zino HD is $249. Watch the clip below for the review by HotHardware.

via hothardware

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