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Personal Noise screening device – Etymotic ER-20 Noise Dosimeter

Don’t you know that your daily exposure to too much noise is harmful to your ears, mental and health. It’ll probably drive you crazy if you work in an environment where there is too much mechanical noise, or occasionally you’ll have to be exposed in such an environment nearby you in a day.

If you aren’t sure the places that you go are having too much noise, you should then carry a little gadget that will come in useful for you to find out how much noise you’re exposed to. Here comes a little device called the Etymotic ER-20 Personal Noise Dosimeter, which allows you to stay aware of the noise dose. It provides good estimation of noise dose and alerts you when you’ve been exposed to too much noise.

It works in two modes, the normal mode measures and displays noise dose continuously for up to 16 hours and a quick check mode that measures noise for two minutes, then calculates and displays the estimated dose per hour.

The little noise screening gadget comes in the size of slightly longer than a highlighter pen and needs three AAAA batteries for its power. You can get one here for $100. Suitable for the health-conscious to carry around anywhere you go.

via winarco

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