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Sony Move – the new Sony PS3 Motion Controller

The new gaming controller announced by Sony for the PS3 is called Sony Move. Obviously, the Sony Move Controller is meant for playing sports game and games that require you to move around with some actions.

It should be best used to play a table tennis game on the PS3. So if you’re such a lazy butt who ain’t wanna carry out some exercise on regular basis, now you can play some games like a table tennis game that gets you to work out well. Sony also offers multiple packages, such as bundling the Sony Move controller, with Playstation Eye (a camera), and a game for a price of less than $100.

One of the games, Sports Champions, shall be best to allow you play games and shred some pounds at the same time. It has a bunch of smaller mini games. One of them is the swordfighting duel game, that needs you to have two motion controllers at once, as the character in the game needs to carry a sword and a shield. So, you’ll need to buy two Move controllers in order to play this game.

The PS eye also does augmented reality stuff like putting a paintbrush or a tennis racquet onto your Move controller on screen.
Read more here for the hands on and press release.

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